5 Things I want to learn about Robotics in 2021

Personally, the reason why I like robotics so much is that to me, it’s the pinnacle of all fields of study. From electrical engineering, computer science, AI, biology, psychology, etc. and that means I’ll never eventually reach a limit where I think can master robotics. And that’s great.


But of course, with so much content in one place, it also means there are many topics I have yet to learn about in order to become a better roboticist.


So of those, I’ve carefully picked 5 things that I think learning will mean I have more tools in my toolkit.



ROS stands for the Robot Operating System and it can be described as the plumbing system for robots. It allows devices to send data across to one another and communicate as well as offering simulation systems for mapping and control.


ROS is definitely something that nearly all roboticists know and use heavily so I think learning it can be very useful.

Fusion 360

Unfortunately as a kid, I’ve always relied on Sketchup for designing and building my 3D models causing its controls to become almost ingrained inside me. This is a problem because Sketchup is far less capable than Fusion 360 when it comes to designing and manufacturing intricate pieces and so learning Fusion 360 has become more of a challenge.


But if I am able to master Fusion 360 it opens a lot more gates to what I am able to achieve.


Here are some models made in Fusion 360 to capability:


Basic Artificial Intelligence (Neural Networks)

I am a strong believer that AI is crucial for robotics to go forward and for us to see a robotic revolution. And while AI is a very large and complex topic, I will try to start by learning the most basic of things (being neural networks) then go forward from there.


Using IoT devices

Examples of IoT devices are smart fridges, smart microwaves, toasters, kettles, Amazon Alexa, Google Echo, etc. If I were to understand how to use them, it opens a lot more doors to potential future projects.


An example could be a robot that brings you water when called for by an Amazon Alexa. The inside could be an ESP32 which has some sort of Alexa library and comes towards me when I say “Bring me water” for example. 


Obviously, this is quite a specific example but I think incorporating internet control with robotics can be highly beneficial. 


Understanding Gears and key mechanisms

Overall I say that robots should not have gears or belt-driven mechanisms as it is added complexity however modern technology has not allowed for cost-efficient high ower robot actuators and so for now, it almost seems necessary to use them in certain projects which are torque demanding.


As I have very little experience with mechanics I think learning about certain useful mechanisms and how to gear down motors down (planetary gears, etc). 


So, that’s all from me today. As a whole, I just want to learn more precise topics that can be used in robotics to make them better. Internet control is for better user experience and higher functionality, AI is to also increase the functionality of robots, and learning Fusion 360 allows me to design better parts easier and faster than if I were to use Sketchup.


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